I create a meaningful online experiences that connect.

Intentional web design also puts a strong emphasis on branding and visual identity. 

Websites are designed to reflect your unique personality and values, using consistent colors, fonts, and imagery throughout to tell your story and create a meaningful online experience that connects.

Grassroots Creative Company is an intentional website design and branding studio in Chardon, Ohio, that serves small businesses and entrepreneurs that are ready to grow. 

Intentional web design is all about creating a website that is purposeful and strategic. It's about designing a website that effectively communicates the message and values of your business while also being aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly to visitors. 

One of the key elements of intentional web design is a clear understanding of a business's goals and target audience. The website should be designed with the user in mind, providing a seamless and intuitive experience that guides them toward a desired action. 

I help down-to-earth doers get the best version of their website. 

Grassroots Creative Company began back in 2018 from my kitchen. Yes, you read that right, my kitchen. At that time, I was in between jobs with our two young girls contemplating whether or not I wanted to return to corporate marketing full-time. 

I had just gone back to school and completed my master's degree in marketing and communications, and the idea of owning my own business really excited me. I studied web design and writing in undergrad and thought of what I liked most about past jobs:

  • Working with entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • Supporting clients with quality design
  • Coaching website best practices

There was also this contagious resilience that I admired most about my clients—their resourcefulness and determination to do AND get things done.

To do whatever it took to grow, a combination of traditional and modern marketing efforts unique to their audience while also thinking outside of the box—an authentic grassroots approach. 

And, I wanted to be a part of it!


Chardon Brand and Website Designer

I'm Melonie Mottice

YOU'VE been in business for a while now...


and you've hit a roadblock with your website. Let me guess, you DIYed it yourself or had a friend/family member put it together. 

While it got you started, you're struggling. It’s…

too much tech.

holding you back.

not a good look.

taking SO much time.

broken (not functioning).

missing something.

overdue for updates.

you're not alone!

websites are a lot of work, from...

research and strategy

logo and brand creation

SEO and keywords

professional photography



desktop and mobile versions

graphic design

content creation

data collection

and, that's where i come in!

I want you to spend time doing what you love, NOT working on your website.

how i can help

Website Audit

find errors and grow

Logo & Brand

define with design

Website Design

connect and convert

Website Content Updates

on-going support

Logo & Brand

Website Design

Website Audit

how i can help

find errors and grow

define with design

connect and convert

Website Content Updates

on-going support

"Mel was so easy to work with and very creative. We loved her vision and ideas. How she brought our website up to date was simply amazing. It was fantastic that she could already work with what we had to make it better. We can't wait to share it with everyone online. I would highly recommend Grassroots and Mel to anyone who needs help with a website!"


I went to school for design and have my master's in marketing!
My undergrad degree is in English and web design. I also have my masters in marketing and communications and bring over a decade of professional design experience to the table!

The first time I ever designed anything I was 11. 
Growing up, we had a Packard Bell computer and I used to make cards and stationary with Print Shop Deluxe. I was also super into gaming then. Doom was one of my favorites. 

I have too many houseplants to count (at least 40+?!?). 
This is YEARS in the making, I swear, there were a lot of casualties in the process before I got to this point. I'm trying to expand this into our outdoor veggie and flower garden.

My co-workers are furry and have the best personalities. 
We have a silver lab named Graycie and a black cat named Bruce. She's more like a cat and he's more like a dog...crazy how that worked out.

The Office is my all-time favorite show. 
For so many reasons! Mainly because I can relate to it so much and laugh just as hard as the first time. On the flip, Bridgerton is a close second and anything history related.

When I'm not at my desk you can find me DIYing around my house or outside.
We moved over covid and during that time I took on a lot of home DIY projects, and well that hasn't stopped. I love to paint most and go thrifting.

jeeps · plants · mojitos · the office · gardening · black cats

-the office
-black cats


We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and promise to always value, respect, and honor everyone we serve and interact with.

We believe that one size does NOT fit all in life and web design. Each project is a custom solution to meet the unique needs of our clients, so you have the best chance of growing your business both on and offline.

We lift each other up and foster positive relationships and do NOT tolerate any form of hatred, judgment, defensiveness, or unprofessional behavior. This is a safe space to ask questions and grow.

We are forever learners, especially when it comes to the evolution of web design, and are committed to exploring new tools and design techniques to create the best websites possible.

We pride ourselves in working together with clients that can make a new website a priority. We are committed to showing up for you, and we expect you to show up for us in this professional partnership.

We respect everyone’s time and believe open and honest communication is key even if we do not move forward with working with someone, especially if the timing isn’t right or we’re NOT a good fit.

Honestly I cannot say enough about how awesome it was to work with Melonie! As someone who has ideas and visions when it comes to designs, but struggles with creating it, I can't thank her enough!

"Melonie was so easy to work with and the end result is great! It is nice because she gives you the option of learning how to update the website yourself or will continue to work with you to update the page as necessary (the option I choose)! I would highly recommend Grassroots Creative Company for any website needs!"

for information on our...

partnership, platforms, & process