a TON of extra work.

holding you back.

not a good look.

taking SO much time.

broken (not functioning).

missing something.

overdue for updates.

right NOW you feel like it's...

Let me

Sound familiar?

You’ve been in business a while now, and your DIY website isn’t cutting it anymore.

You're not alone!

Websites can be overwhelming, from...

research & strategy

logo & brand creation

SEO & keywords

professional photography



desktop & mobile sites

graphic design

content creation

data collection

And, that's where i come in!

I help ambitious female entrepreneurs get the best version of their website. 

Hey, i'm Mel!

professional brand & website designer

Established in 2018, Grassroots Creative Company is a brand and website design studio in Cleveland, Ohio. My name is Mel, and I'm the owner and designer behind Grassroots and specialize in custom websites. I partner exclusively, one-on-one with clients throughout the U.S. that are committed to growing their businesses on and offline. 

Fun Fact: I've been creating professionally for over fourteen years, and after we had our girls, I decided to become my own boss and help other women take their DIY websites and branding to the next level!

custom showit, wix & Wordpress websites

Connection and conversion are key!


Grassroots Creative Co.

We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and promise to always value, respect, and honor everyone we serve and interact with.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

We believe that one size does NOT fit all in life and web design. Each project is a custom solution to meet the unique needs of our clients, so you have the best chance of growing your business online.

We lift each other up and foster positive relationships and do NOT tolerate any form of hatred, judgment, defensiveness, or unprofessional behavior. This is a safe space to ask questions and grow.

We are forever learners, especially when it comes to the evolution of web design, and are committed to exploring new tools and design techniques to create the best websites possible.

We pride ourselves in working together with clients that can make a new website a priority. We are committed to showing up for you, and we expect you to show up for us in this professional partnership.

We respect everyone’s time and believe open and honest communication is key even if we do not move forward with working with someone, especially if the timing isn’t right or we’re NOT a good fit.

Logo & Brand

Website Design

Site Maintenance

Website Audit

Find errors & Grow

Define with Design

Connect & convert


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"Melonie was an absolute delight to work with!! She is professional and personable - working with Mel is like working with a good friend. She truly cares about her clients, their businesses, and their visions. Her creativity, attention to detail, and phenomenal work ethic resulted in the website of my dreams. I have received so much positive feedback about the site, from how professional + polished it looks to how easy it is to scroll through (via cell or computer). 

"I received business inquiries through the new website within 24 hours of it going live!"

—Dr. Lori Ana Valentin

"Our team worked with Grassroots Creative Company designing and refining our website for our new $2.3 million shelter facility. Melonie was a 'dream' to work with in the conceptual phase and design work. The Board of Trustees as well as our team are so excited about our end product. From persons needing assistance and services to recognition of our donors, the new website design heralds our new facility! I couldn’t be more pleased with the work at a reasonable price."

"I couldn’t be more pleased with the work at a reasonable price."

—Charlotte Rehmert

"Honestly I cannot say enough about how awesome it was to work with Melonie! As someone who has ideas and visions when it comes to designs, but struggles with creating it, I can't thank her enough!" 

"Honestly I cannot say enough about how awesome it was to work with Melonie!"

—Lauren Chamberlain

"Melonie was so easy to work with and the end result is great! It is nice because she gives you the option of learning how to update the website yourself or will continue to work with you to update the page as necessary (the option I choose)! I would highly recommend Grassroots Creative Company for any website needs!"

"I would highly recommend Grassroots Creative Company for any website needs!"

—Elizabeth Durnell-Maier

"Melonie has helped us to update and develop much of our promotional material for our non-profit organization, Troy Main Street. She is extremely easy to work with and comes up with great creative solutions when needed! We are so grateful for her expertise!"

"She is extremely easy to work with and comes up with great creative solutions..."

—Andrea Keller


You need a professional web designer someone that's detailed, compassionate, loves organization, nature, and techie design things to take your diy website to the next level. I’m your lady!

A computer nerd at heart, I started designing for fun on my Packard Bell when I was 11. That passion led me to study web design and writing in undergrad and earn my master’s in marketing and communication. After working in marketing for over a decade, and having some not-so-great work experiences, I opened Grassroots Creative Company from my home studio.
The point is, I genuinely love web design, and I actually have fun doing it! I know how frustrating it can be trying to do something on your own, while running a business at the same time. And also how difficult it can be to find the right person to partner with, someone that cares just as much as you do. Women need more support than ever to navigate the challenges of doing business from home AND in the workplace, both of which I've struggled with in the past. That's why I'm so passionate about women supporting women and working together with you.


TV ADDICTION: Bridgerton

LOVES: Gardening

RANDOM FACT: My husband & I met at a coffee shop


TOP OF MY BUCKET LIST: To visit ALL 50 states

Women Supporting Women

I want you to spend time doing what you love, NOT working on your website.

CO-WORKERS: Graycie (silver lab) & Bruce (cat dog)  

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